Working at Transparent Value means becoming part of a community with a shared sense of purpose and we are looking for professionals who understand and abide by the following principles:

A passion for excellence and innovation
We share a determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. Our professionals challenge themselves, and support one another, in being the best they can be for our clients and for our organization. We are constantly working to find new and better ways of doing things and we enjoy working with people who feel the same way.

Personal and professional trust is at the heart of our business. Once you are part of our team, we expect you to take responsibility, maintain the highest ethical standards and advocate fairness in everything you do.

Leadership and a desire to be challenged
We expect team members to demonstrate leadership qualities and look for professionals that have a strong sense of purpose and motivation, that take initiative and think about a problem in a different way, look for improvements to established processes and systems, go the extra mile for a client or colleague and take the long-term view whenever possible.

Belief in the organization and the team
Our environment is collaborative. We actively solicit ideas from one another, act on consensus wherever possible, and ensure that all team members get the credit for a job well done.