The principals are a team of seasoned investment professionals who have previously worked together or known each other for the past ten years, successfully managing multi-billion dollar private and public equity investments. They have diverse backgrounds in investment banking, investment management, performance measurement, valuation, research, and analysis. While past performance should not be considered indicative or a guarantee of future performance, these members have had practical success with the Transparent Value investment methodology, having effectively used it to make successful investment decisions under a variety of circumstances.

After living through the dot com implosion, Enron and WorldCom collapses, mutual fund scandals of the past, and the frustration of the ongoing research conflicts, the founders of Transparent Value simply believed there had to be a better way to invest.

In 2003, the Transparent Value investment methodology was created based on the following key characteristics:

  1. Transparency
  2. Ease of understanding
  3. Risk measurement
  4. No research conflicts
  5. Unemotional
  6. Rules-based
  7. Sell discipline
  8. Strong knowledge management

There is no guarantee that the characteristics will necessarily translate into investment performance.

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